R. Keel Broom, 33° PR-SGIG

Valley of Middle Georgia

As early as 1864 (the Grand Consistory of Macon) was a flourishing Scottish Rite Body known as the Lodge of Perfection. In 1868 it was known as Bezabel Consistory No. 4.

The present Lodge of Perfection was personally chartered in 1882 by Albert Pike, and the present activity in Macon dates from March, 1917 when the Chapter of Rose Croix was chartered.  The Council of Knight Kadosh and Macon Consistory were chartered March, 1919. Illustrious Brother Albert Pike opened a Lodge of Perfection meeting on May 3, 1882 and the name was changed to Zerbal Lodge No. 3.  Brother Pike again visited Zerbal Lodge No. 3 on November 23, 1883. The records for Zerbal Lodge No. 3, now called Macon Lodge of Perfection, began on May 18, 1919 and runs to the present day.

Macon Lodge of Perfection is honored by having the following members elected by the Brethren to serve as Most Worshipful Grand Master.  They are: Otis Dixon, D. Warner Wells, Ralph Alvin Perry, Durwood B. Mercer, William L. Barrineau, Jr., Henry Troy Hooper, Horace L. Whitlock, Walter W. Thompson, Sr., James E. Moseley, Carl W. Dohn, Thomas L. Reese, II, Bobby B. Simmons, F. Ray Jackson, Ted C. Collins, R. Keel Broom.

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